What Are The Causes Of Angular Cheilitis?

Angular Cheilitis is a skin complaint caused by a fungal infection called Candida. Because its a fungal infection, the problem can prove very difficult to get rid of, especially if you simply choose to do nothing and ignore it. Of course, there are over the counter cures available but these can be expensive and, sometimes, they aren’t even that effective. The main question that we will be consider in this post is ‘what are the causes of Angular Cheilitis’ but we will also discuss what the symptoms are.

Most folks  I know prefer to seek out natural cures for Angular Cheilitis, so here are some of my top tips for combating this problem.

The most obvious symptom of the condition is that cracks appear at the corners of the mouth. If not treated quickly these cracks can spread , deepen and even start to bleed. As you can imagine, they can become quite painful.  Like most medical conditions, its best to catch and deal with the symptoms at the earliest possible stage. Although Angular Cheilitis is not life threatening, it can be very uncomfortable, and even lead to complications further down the line if  not treated quickly and effectively.

As I mentioned above the cause of the problem is a a fungal infection similar to that of athletes foot. This fungal infection likes to live and grow in damp, dark areas, and so the folds around the corners of the mouth make an ideal place for it to take hold and spread. Angular Cheilitis can be caused by  vitamin B and iron deficiencies, by excess salivation and even by prolonged periods of vomiting.  Normally, it can be stopped fairly easily by taking steps such as adding vitamin B12 rich food into your daily diet.

The best cure will, of course, depend on what the root cause of your particular condition is.
Another less obvious  cause of angular cheilitis  is excessive drooling. During the drooling, saliva seeps out from the corners of the mouth and causes excessive moisture to build up. Excessive moisture caused by this saliva builds an environment that’s perfect for the growth of fungal infection i.e. Candida. Basically, the bacteria loves dampness and star to multiply quickly. One of the best natural cures for this condition is actually thought to be ginger. One natural treatment involving ginger is to take a  1″ ginger stick and boil it in a cup of water for 3-4 minutes. You should then drink the solution twice a day over the period of a month or more until the drooling stops. Ginger can be an acquired taste, however, but you can alter the taste to suit by adding sugar or even salt to your own requirements.

It goes without saying that one of the major causes of Angular Cheilitis is poor personal hygiene. The cleanliness of your hands in particular is very important when trying to stop the spread of Angular Cheilitis, especially during the early stages of the condition. You should always use good quality antibacterial soap or liquid hand-wash and be sure to wash your hands several times a day. You should also use  lukewarm water to wash the infected area; don’t use any soap on this area as it will make the condition worse. Using a  gentle approach such as this  will enable you to clear up the condition with the minimum amount of pain and fuss.

Angular Cheilitis looks bad and can be painful but, luckily, its also quite easy to clear up. If you find that your Cheilitis starts blistering and some of the methods discussed above don’t word, then you may need to take more direct action. Luckily, I have found a very good guide that shows you how to clear up Angular Cheilitis using only safe and easily obtainable natural ingredients.
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