Does An Effective Angular Cheilitis Cure Exist?

One of the first questions that Angular Cheilitis sufferers normally ask me is – “where can I find an effective Angular Cheilitis cure”?

Well, the first thing that I have to say is, Angular Cheilitis is not the easiest skin disorder to get rid of, and that’s actually quite strange when you consider that the mouth is normally one of the fastest parts of the body to repair itself.

Don’t believe me? Well, just think back to the last time you had a mouth ulcer – it probably healed itself with little or no help inside a couple of days - right? So whats different about Angular Cheilitis? Well, the problem lies with the bacterial or fungicidal infection that’s responsible for the condition. Of course, the other problem with getting an effective Angular Cheilitis cure, is that quite often you don’t correctly identity the problem. Most of us just think we have chapped lips, but this can be a costly mistake, for whereas chapped lips will clear up in a relatively short period of time, Angular Cheilitis can take weeks, if not months to recover from. Whats more, the lesions might not disappear for a very long time thereafter if some kind of intervention is not made.

Most of the time, we simply apply some lip balm or even compounds such as neosporin to combat the problem, but, unfortunately  these are almost completely ineffective against the bacteria that cause Angular Cheilitis.

You see, all that they do is temporarily relieve the symptoms and cause a brief respite from the pain. However, they aren’t tackling the underlying condition, and therefore, they do not effect a long term cure. Sadly,  using these kinds of  ’remedies’ will not get rid of Angular Cheilitis, but, instead, they will simply mask the underlying problem and can, in fact, often make it worse.

Can You Heal Angular Cheilitis Naturally?

Although there are many over the counter products aimed at clearing up the condition, a growing number of us are looking for a natural remedy for Angular Cheilitis.

For example, when I first developed the condition (many years ago now), I simply chose to ignore it, believing that it would clear up on its own. After a few days, when the symptoms got worse, I finally decided to apply some lip balm. Yes, I thought that it was just a case of  dry and chapped lips. Unfortunately I was wrong!

To make things worse, wearing Strawberry lip balm tends to make you lick your lips more – yes it does taste nice – and that, in turn, just makes the problem worse. After a  few weeks (and a lot of pain), I realized the condition that I was suffering from  was more than a simple case of chapped lips and that I would have to take some kind of action. The strange thing is, I got lucky because I was also a keen swimmer!

You see,I used to go swimming every day but just after I contracted my case of Angular Cheilitis, I was also laid up with a leg injury meaning that I could barely walk, let alone get into the pool. It was only when I recovered and went swimming again on a regular basis, that the condition started to clear up. It turns out that the chlorine in the water was killing the bacteria and clearing my Cheilitis up! That, combined with some sunshine ,and outdoor exercise actually went a long way to getting rid of it altogether.

But, I was lucky – you might not be!

If I had known then what I know now,  I would have reacted a lot sooner and used one of the many natural cures for Angular Cheilitis that are available. And what are they? Well, rather than me explain why not check out these great natural cures for Angular Cheilitis, and learn how to get rid of this embarrassing condition quickly, cheaply and without any risk to your health.
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